We Are The World 25 Haiti YouTube Video

We Are The World Haiti YouTube Music Video

Lisa Lavie

We heard about the We Are The World 25 Haiti YouTube Video from the ABC Evening News segment, Person of the week. Perhaps it should have been Persons of the Week? A Thousand Oaks, California singer, Lisa Lavie, was inspired to do something creative to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. She saw all these amazing singers performing their own solo versions of the We are the World song on YouTube.

A brilliant idea struck her. Though it took a lot of work to realize her vision. She contacted the singers online and got them to record new tracks of specific parts of the original We Are The World song (re-created by Mike Kalombo). Then she edited the tracks and Iman A.K.A Alphacat edited the videos, and viola, you see the wonderful, generous, amazing result in this video.

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We Are The World 25 Haiti Video

PLEASE NOTE: We had nothing to do with this project. We are just sharing something that moved us.

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